We are a manufacturing tannery specialising in the production of a wide variety of specialised sheepskin products for the motor industry, the hardware industry, the supply of skins for aircraft refurbishing, medical skins for hospital use, slippers and equestrian products.

This company, which is a family business, was established in 1971 by the present owner and has been trading from the same premises since then.

We have been involved in the manufacturing of paint rollers, wood applicators and other products for the painting industry and we have set the benchmark on the quality of the sheepskin paint roller as we are the only manufacturer of sheepskin rollers which has designed and build machinery to not only treat the wool, but to trim the length of wool so that every paint roller leaving our factory is uniform. Having worked in close co-operation with paint manufacturers as well as the top paint contractors, we produce a paint roller which has also been endorsed by the South African Paint Manufacturers Association.

In our products we only make use of genuine sheepskin which come into the factory from abattoirs, skin merchants and skin hawkers, thus creating job opportunities. These skins are then tanned, dyed and used in our factory for the manufacture of different products.

The wooden cores which we use in the manufacture of the paint rollers are machined in our factory from square timber which are sourced directly from the sawmills and they are cut and prepared to be used in the manufacture of paint rollers, thus again supporting local materials. The handles are also manufactured in house.

For our range of specialised paint rollers such as Corrugated, Palisade, Corner, Pipe, IBR etc on which we hold patents, we have fully automatic woodworking machines and all relevant wood is also prepared by ourselves.

All the specialised machinery used in our production is unique as it is not found in any other factory as these machines are designed and built in our fully equipped engineering workshop.

Our slippers are made of bovine leather with a full sheepskin lining. We have three different models: our Moccasins, the Snuggy and the latest addition to our range - our Slip-on. We have been invloved with the export of slippers to the United States, Greece and Taiwan. We have in the past supply S A Druggist and at present supply many pharmacies etc. Our slippers are made of genuine leather and sheepskin and contains no manmade materials.